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Browse By Tag. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It was the group's last charting single in New Zealand, where it reached number nine, and their penultimate hit in Australia, where it reached number The video opens with the girl group near a curtain behind a plain white background.

Natasha, Jenny and Liz are dancing behind a plain white background with coloured line patterns coming through, and behind a black background. In the second verse, the girl group's bodies change colour with butterflies in the sky on them, and it is also shown in the final chorus. During the bridge section of the song, the three girls are dancing in the rain behind a plain black background. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 31 October Ultratop Nielsen Business Media, Inc. In such a deal, the production entity receives annual funds to cover all or some of its overhead costs including salaries for company principles , may receive on-the-lot privileges and offices, and in return make the studio with which they made their deal the first destination for any new project it is looking to develop.

While most companies under a first look deal do have the ability to shop material elsewhere should their studio reject their proposed project, many tend to develop material with their specific studio in mind as their home studio is incentivized to give priority to any of their projects in order to justify the significant cost of the deal and preserve a prestigious relationship. A Screenwriters Guide to Television Development Deals -

A blind deal is entered into when a studio or financed production entity and a writer decide to enter into a development relationship. In all likelihood they have yet to identify the project, but instead have agreed that they are seeking to foster a collaborative business relationship.

In a traditional blind deal scenario, once the deal is signed both writer and studio bring ideas to the table, usually 3 from each side. Writers who enter a traditional blind deal enter it with pay, and are commissioned to develop a particular pilot for the studio. Whether the pilot is sold or the material is put on the shelf, the studio will hold all rights to the material moving forward.

However, there are two major differences: Here the project usually originates with the writer, and the studio comes on board to provide support as the material is developed and prepared to take out to buyers. As long as the material originates with the writer, the rights to the material will likely remain with him should the studio decide to pull its support or cease the selling effort, unless otherwise contracted.

However, if the concept originates with the studio or production company, then the rights to the material remain with the entity even after all buyer options have been exhausted. This is similar to an on-spec writing assignment, or a situation in which a writer develops an original screenplay or pilot from an idea given to him by representation, a producer, or a production entity.