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Lord God, we thank you. Gott Vaters ewger Sohn du bist; eternal Son of god the Father; Ch: Tu, ad liberandum suscepturus hominem, non horruisti Virginis uterum. Ch: Judex crederis esse venturus. Ch: Fiat misericordia tua, Domine super nos, Zeig uns deine Barmherzigkeit, Show us your compassion Cg: quemadmodum speravimus in te. Matt Chorales - H. Home Page. Bach: [there are no verses since it is treated as one long chant].

BWV BWV a. Below are original Latin text, Luther's German adaptation and a phrase-for-phrase translation of the German text into English. Latin Text Nicetas. German Text Luther. English Translation Browne. Te Deum laudamus:. Herr Gott dich loben wir,. Lord God, we praise you,. Dich Vater in Ewigkeit,. You, Father, in eternity. Tibi omnes Angeli, tibi coeli. All Engel und Himmelsheer. Who seeks this lonely one here? Wake from thy slumber! Dritte Scene Der Vorhang wird wieder aufgezogen. Sie wendet sich wieder zu dem Ring. Ein feuriger Blitz. Wer fand mich Einsame auf? Boldly ridest thou to me?

She hastens to the edge of the rocks. There in the wood still dear to thee light from thy horse, and leave him there to take rest. She runs into the wood, from which a loud sound like a thunderclap is heard. Com'st thou to me? So bold art thou? Dar'st thou undaunted bring thy greeting to me? Waltraute Thou alone art cause of my haste! Or perchance! O say! When against the godhead Siegmund I guarded, failing, I know it, my deed fulfilled his desire. That his anger is ended know I too. Sie eilt nach dem Felsrande.

Kommst du zu mir? Waltraute Einzig dir nur galt meine Eil'! Oder wie? O sag'! So my blessing was born of my sentence: the hero most famed hath won me for wife! Blest by his love, in light and laughter I live. She embraces Waltraute with wild signs of joy, which Waltraute attempts with impatience to suppress. Lured wert thou, sister, by my lot? Upon my joy wouldst thou also feed thee, share all that I have won?

Waltraute vehemently Share all the frenzy that hath maddened thy brain? In anguish of dread have I come and broken Wotan's behest. Then the god hath pardoned me not? Thou fearest the punisher's wrath? Waltraute gloomily If still I feared it, then at end were all my pain!

So zur Seligsten schuf mich die Strafe: der herrlichste Held gewann mich zum Weib! In seiner Liebe leucht' und lach' ich heut' auf. Lockte dich, Schwester, mein Loos? An meiner Wonne willst du dich weiden, theilen, was mich betraf? Ein And'res bewog mich in Angst, zu brechen Wotans Gebot. So verzieh der Strenge noch nicht? Du zagst vor des Strafenden Zorn? Waltraute Calm thou thy frenzy, give good heed to my words!

To Walhall terror drives me again, that from Walhall drove me to thee. Waltraute Hearken with heed to what I tell thee! Since from thee Wotan turned him, to battle no more hath he sent us: dazed with fear, bewildered we rode to the field; Walhall's heroes no more may meet Warfather. Lonely to horse, without pause or rest, as Wand'rer he swept thro' the world.

Home came he at last; in his hand holding the spear-shaft's splinters: a hero had struck it asunder. With silent sign Walhall's heroes sent he to hew the world-ash-tree in pieces. The sacred stem at his command was riven and raised in a heap round about the hall of the blest. The holy host called he together; the god on his throne took his place. In dismay and fear at his word they assembled; around him ranged, the hall was filled by his heroes. So sits he, speaks no word, on high enthroned grave and mute; the shattered spear-shaft fast in his grasp; Holda's apples tastes he no more.

Awestruck and shrinking sit the gods in silence. Forth on quest from Walhall sent he his ravens; if with good tidings back the messengers come, then forever shall smiles of joy gladden the face of the god. Round his knees entwining cower we Valkyires; nought recks he nor knows of our anguish: we all are consumed by terror and ne'er-ending fear. He closed his eyes, deeply sighing, and as in slumber spoke he the words: if e'er the river maidens win from her hand again the ring, from the curse's load released were god and world!

Then I took thought: and from his presence through ranks all silent stealing away, with secret haste I mounted my horse, and rode in tumult to thee. Now, o sister, to thee I pray: what thou canst do, that dare to fulfill; end all the grief of the gods! The cloudy heaven of gods on high have I, poor fool, now escaped; I grasp not what thou dost tell me. Dark and wild seemeth thy speech: and in thine eyes, so overweary, gleams wavering fire.

With cheeks so pallid, thou white-faced sister, what wouldst thou, wild one, from me? Waltraute vehemently Upon thy hand, the ring, 'tis that: hear but my rede: for Wotan cast it from thee! Waltraute To the Rhine daughters give it again! Mit blasser Wange, du bleiche Schwester, was willst du Wilde von mir? Siegfried's love pledge? Lost are thy senses? Waltraute Hear me, hear my despair!

The world's ill-fate surely hangeth thereon. Cast it from thee, away in the waters; so shalt thou end Walhall's anguish: the accurst thing fling in the flood! How canst thou grasp it, loveless maid! More than Walhall's rapture, more than the fame of gods is this my ring: one glance at its lustrous gold, one flash of its holy fire more is to me e'en than all the heaven's ayeenduring delight.

For blissfuly there shineth the love of Siegfried. Love of Siegfried! O might but its rapture be told thee! Go hence to the holy council of gods! And of my ring tell o'er to them my words: rather more slowly from love I never will turn, of love they never shall rob me, though into ruins Walhall's splendor should fall! Siegfrieds Liebespfand? Bist du von Sinnen? Der Welt Unheil haftet sicher an ihm. Wirf ihn von dir, fort in die Welle, Walhalls Elend zu enden, den verfluchten wirf in die Fluth!

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Denn selig aus ihm leuchtet mir Siegfrieds Liebe, Siegfrieds Liebe! Sie wahrt mir den Reif. Waltraute This is thy truth then? So thou leavest unloved in her sorrow thy sister? The ring thou winn'st not from me! Waltraute Woe's me! Woe's me! Woe to thee, sister! Woe to Walhall's gods! She rushes away. A storm cloud soon rises from the wood with thunder. Evening has fallen. From below, the light of the fire shines gradually brighter. Twilight of evening hides the heaven; brightly flameth the rampart of fire round the fell. The firelight approaches from below. Tongues of flame, growing continually brighter, shoot up over the rocky wall.

Waltraute Diess deine Treue? Waltraute Wehe! Weh' dir, Schwester! Bald erhebt sich unter Sturm eine Gewitterwolke aus dem Tann. Es ist Abend geworden. Why leap so wildly the blazing billows on high? The mountaintop is girt by the fiery sea. She starts up in delight. Siegfried returned! She hastens to the rocky parapet in the highest delight. Flames shoot: from them springs Siegfried forward on to a high rock: the flames immediately draw back and shed their light only from below. Siegfried, with the Tarnhem on his head, which hides the upper half of his face, leaving only his eyes free, appears in Gunther's form.

Who cometh here? A wooer comes, whom thy fire doth not fright. Thee seek I now for wife: wilt freely follow me? Seinen Ruf sendet er her! Ihm entgegen! In meines Gottes Arm! Wer drang zu mir? Ein Freier kam, den dein Feuer nicht geschreckt. Dich werb' ich nun zum Weib: du folge willig mir! Siegfried as before A hero who shall tame thee if force alone may serve. To rend me in pieces cometh an eagle! Who art thou, awful one? Art thou a mortal? Com'st thou from Hella's darksome host?

Siegfried as before, beginning with a slightly trembling voice, but presently continuing with more certainty A Gibichung am I, and Gunther is his name whom thou shalt follow now. Thou ruthless, merciless god! Now my sentence shines clear to me! Siegfried springs down from the stone and comes nearer. Ein Aar kam geflogen, mich zu zerfleischen! Wer bist du, Schrecklicher? Stammst du von Menschen? Ergrimmter grausamer Gott! Nun erseh' ich der Strafe Sinn! Siegfried The night draws on: within thy cave must thou to me be wedded! Fear thou this token! Thou shalt not force me to shame so long as this ring is my guard.

Siegfried Husband's right so shall be Gunther's: let the ring make thee his wife! Stronger than steel makes me the ring: ne'er shall it be thine! Siegfried From thee now to take it teach me thy words! He presses toward her. They wrestle together. Siegfried seizes her again. She flees; he reaches her. Both wrestle violently together. He seizes her by the hand and draws the ring from her finger.

Frevelnder Dieb! Erfreche dich nicht mir zu nah'n! Er dringt auf sie ein. Sie ringen mit einander. Siegfried greift sie von Neuem an. Sie flieht; er erreicht sie. Beide ringen heftig mit einander. Sie schreit heftig auf. As she sinks down into his arms, as if broken, her unconscious look meets Siegfried's eyes. He lets her fainting body slide down onto the stone bench at the entrance to the cave. Now art thou mine. Siegfried drives her on with a gesture of com- mand. Trembling and with wavering steps she goes into the cave. Siegfried draws his sword. Siegfried in his natural voice Now, Nothung, witness thou that I in bonds have wooed.

Keep thou my troth to my brother, let thy blade safeguard his bride! The curtain falls. Jetzt bist du mein. Zitternd und wankenden Schrittes geht sie in das Gemach. Siegfried zieht das Schwert. Die Treue wahrend dem Bruder, trenne mich von seiner Braut! An open space on the shore in front of the Gibich- ungs' hall: on the right the open entrance to the hall; on the left the bank of the Rhine, from which, slanting across the stage to the back, rises a rocky height cut by several mountain paths.

There Fricka's altar stone is visible: higher up is a larger one for Wotan, and on the side is another for Donner. It is night. Hagen, with his arm around his spear and his shield by his side, sits asleep, leaning against one of the wooden pillars of the hall. Here the moon suddenly shines out and throws a vivid light on Hagen and the objects immediately sur- rounding him; Alberich is seen crouching before him, leaning his arms on Hagen's knees. Es ist Nacht.

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Alberich softly Sleep'st thou, Hagen, my son? Thou sleep'st and hear'st me not, whom rest and sleep betrayed? Hagen softly, without moving, so that he appears to sleep on, although his eyes are open Thy voice I hear, evil Niblung: what hast thou now to tell my slumber? Alberich Forget not the might that thou possessest if thou art valiant as they mother bore thee to me! Hagen still as before Though might through her was mine, no debt of thanks I owe her, that prey she fell to thy craft: old in youth, weak and wan, hating the happy, ne'er am I glad!

Alberich as before Hagen, my son! Hate thou the happy! This joyless and sorrow-laden one lov'st thou so as thou shouldst. Be thou crafty, strong and bold! Those whom with weapons of darkness we fight, e'en now are dismayed by our hate. I fear him no more: sink will they all and perish! Sleep'st thou, Hagen, my son?

Hagen remains motionless as before. Alberich Gemahnt sei der Macht, der du gebietest, bist du so muthig, wie die Mutter dich mir gebar! Alberich wie zuvor Hagen, mein Sohn! Hasse die Frohen! Mich Lustfreien, Leidbelasteten, liebst du so wie du sollst. Hagen The might of the gods, who then shall win? Alberich I and thou! The world will be ours, for in thy truth my faith is firm; thou sharest my wrath and hate.

On the boldest of heroes in vain lies my curse; for to him hath the ring no worth, he knows nought of its wonderful might. Laughing in ardor of love burns his life aye away. Hagen as before To work his undoing me doth he serve. Hagen Der Ewigen Macht, Wer erbte sie? Alberich Ich und du! Lachend in liebender Brunst brennt er lebend dahin. Ihn zu verderben, taugt uns nun einzig! Hagen wie zuvor Zu seinem Verderben dient er mir schon. A woman wise holdeth him in her love: if by her rede to the Rhine's fair daughters, who in wat'ry deeps my wisdom bewitched, his hand should give back the ring, forever lost were the gold, and no wiles could win it again.

Then without stint strive thou for the ring! I fostered thee fearless for this, that against heroes safe thou shouldst hold me. Swear to me, Hagen, my son! From this point a gradually darkening shadow again covers Alberich. At the same time morning twilight begins. Hagen still as before The ring will I gain me; rest thou in peace! Alberich Swear to me, Hagen, my son! Hagen To myself swear I; trust thou and fear not! As, during the following bars, Alberich's form gradually disappears, his voice becomes more and more inaudible.

Alberich Be true, Hagen, my son! Trusty hero! Be true! Alberich has quite disappeared. Hagen, who has remained in the same position, looks, with fixed eyes and without moving, toward the Rhine, over which the light of dawn spreads itself.

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Alberich Den gold'nen Ring, den Reif gilt's zu erringen! Von hier an bedeckt ein immer finsterer wer- dender Schatten wieder Alberich. Zugleich beginnt das erste Tagesgrauen. Hagen immer wie zuvor Den Ring soll ich haben; harre in Ruh'! Wie mit dem Folgenden Alberichs Gestalt immer mehr dem Blicke entschwindet, wird auch seine Stimme immer unvernehmbarer. Alberich Sei treu, Hagen, mein Sohn!

Trauter Helde! Sei treu! Scene Two From this point the Rhine becomes more and more deeply colored by the glowing red of dawn. Hagen makes a convulsive movement. Siegfried comes suddenly from behind a bush close to the shore. Siegfried Hoiho, Hagen! Weary man! Wake thou and greet me! Siegfried appears in his own shape, but has the Tarnhelm on his head; he now takes this off and hangs it on his girdle as he comes forward.

Hagen rising leisurely Hei! Thou speedy hero! Whence stormest thou now? Toiling more slowly a pair by boat behind me to come! Hagen macht eine zuckende Bewegung. Sieh'st du mich kommen? Geschwinder Helde! Wo brausest du her? Dort sog ich den Athem ein mit dem ich dich rief: so schnell war meine Fahrt. Langsamer folgt mir ein Paar, zu Schiff gelangt das her! Siegfried Wakes Gutrune?

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  • Hagen calling toward the hall Hoiho! Hither come! Siegfried is here: why linger'st thou? Gutrune comes from the hall to meet him. Now give me welcome, Gibich maid! Gutrune Freia greeteth thee in name of woman's honor! Siegfried Freely grant thou grace to thy wooer! Siegfried Light was his wooing, I ween. Gutrune Came he unharmed through the fire? Siegfried Safe in its blaze had he been, had I not dared it for him, for so I sought to win thee.

    Siegfried Wacht Gutrune? Hagen in die Halle rufend Hoiho! Komm' heraus! Gutrune tritt ihm aus der Halle entgegen. Ein guter Bote bin ich Dir. Siegfried Frei und hold sei nun mir Frohem! Siegfried Leicht ward die Frau ihm gefreit. Gutrune Sengte das Feuer ihn nicht?

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    Gutrune But thee hath it not harmed? Siegfried I laughed in the tumult of flames. Siegfried Like were we to a hair: the Tarnhelm served me well, as Hagen truly foretold. Hagen I gave thee goodly redes. Gutrune Thy force tamed the valiant maid? Siegfried She felt Gunther's force.

    Gutrune And she gave herself to thee? Gutrune But the right in sooth was thine! Siegfried With Gutrune sojourned Siegfried. Gutrune Doch dich hat es verschont? Siegfried Mich freute die schwebende Brunst. Hagen Dir gab ich guten Rath. Siegfried Sie wich Gunthers Kraft. Gutrune Als ihr Mann doch galtest du? Siegfried Bei Gutrune weilte Siegfried. Gutrune How from thee came she to Gunther's arms? Siegfried Through the fast fading glow of the fire, as day dawned, in the mist she followed me down the vale; when near the shore, soon the bridegroom's place to Gunther I gave: then by the Tarnhelm's magic wished myself hither straight.

    A driving wind now brings the lovers to Gibich's home. Then welcome give to the pair. Gutrune Siegfried! Mightiest man! I shrink with fear of thee! Hagen calling from the shore From afar a sail draweth hither! Siegfried Then grant the herald thanks! Gutrune Let us give her worthy greeting, that blithe and fain she here may tarry! Thou, Hagen, call the men for the wedding in Gibich's hall together! Mirthful maids to the feast I call: our merriment fain they would share!

    Siegfried Helping Gutrun' is my rest. He gives her his hand and goes into the hall with her. Gutrune Wie empfing Gunther sie nun von dir? Hagen vom Ufer her rufend In der Ferne seh' ich ein Segel! Siegfried So sagt dem Boten Dank! Du Hagen, minnig rufe die Mannen nach Gibichshof zur Hochzeit! Frohe Frauen ruf' ich zum Fest: der Freudigen folgen sie gern! Siegfried Dir zu helfen, ruh' ich aus.

    Er reicht ihr die Hand und geht mit ihr in die Halle. Scene Three Hagen has ascended a rock at the back; he seats himself there and puts the cowhorn to his lips. Hoiho hoho! Ye Gibich vassals, gather ye here. Arm ye! Arm through the land! Goodly weapons! Mighty weapons! Sharp for strife! Need is here! Hagen remains in the same position on the rock. By different paths armed Vassals rush on hastily; first singly, and then in continually increasing numbers together. The Vassals Why brays the horn?

    Who calls us to arms? We come with our arms. We come with our weapons.

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    Tell what need is here! Tell what foe is near! Who brings us strife? Is Gunther in need? Who is in need? We come with our weapons, with weapons sharp, with weapons of might. Where is strife? Hagen still from the rock Arm yourselves well and loiter not! Welcome give to your lord: a wife Gunther has won. Ihr Gibichsmannen, machet euch auf! Waffen durchs Land! Gute Waffen! Starke Waffen! Scharf zum Streit. Noth ist da! Die Mannen Was tos't das Horn? Was ruft es zu Heer? Wir kommen mit Wehr.

    Wir kommen mit Waffen. Welche Noth ist da? Welcher Feind ist nah'? Wer giebt uns Streit?

    The Metamorphosis

    Ist Gunther in Noth? Wer ist in Noth? Wir kommen mit Waffen, mit scharfer Wehr, mit schneidiger Wehr. Welcher Streit? Pro Languages. Free translator from German to English, and from English to German. German-English Translator. Translator from German to English and from English to German. German-English Dictionary. Learn a language with pleasure! German English Dictionary. Ascendo Inc. Spanish - English Translator.

    With this translator you can easily translate from Spanish to English.

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