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Alex Benedict: The Devil's Eye Bk. 4 by Jack McDevitt (2008, Hardcover)

But what? It is the most remote of human worlds, a planet literally outside the galaxy. There they will uncover a secret connected to a decades-old political upheaval, a secret that it will soon become obvious somebody is desperate to keep hidden - though the price of that silence is unimaginable. Clarke' Stephen King. Interstellar antiquities dealer Alex Benedict receives a cryptic message asking for help from celebrated writer Vicki Greene'who has been mind-wiped.

She has no memory of her past life, or of her plea for assistance. But she has transferred an enormous sum of money to Alex, also without explanation. Clarkea Stephen King. Interstellar antiquities dealer Alex Benedict receives a cryptic message asking for help from celebrated writer Vicki Greeneawho has been mind-wiped. Interstellar antiquities dealer Alex Benedict receives a cryptic message asking for help from celebrated writer Vicki Greene—who has been mind-wiped. You don't want to act like a parent, yet you may feel like you can't rely on your partner to get things done.

Additional Details Series Volume Number. Reviews 'No one writing today is better than McDevitt at combining galaxy-spanning adventure with the genuine novel of ideas. Show More Show Less. Any Condition Any Condition.

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