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This can be from friends, family, the Internet and of course via books and the experts who write them. However, too much advice can be a bad thing and you can get into a complete pickle navigating all the conflicting opinions. It was a constant source of comfort. Babies change rapidly in the first six months of their life.

Letters of Light: a collection of missives from William G. Gray to Alan Richardson

When the book ends, you might feel sad not to have your constant companion, but we saw it as a sign that I was over the toughest part. We loved this book. The take home from this book is essentially that we need to allow little girls to be little girls.

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He advocates that girls should be in touch with nature and connect with their wild side. He also writes convincingly of how important fathers are — in a unique way for girls. If a father treats his daughter with respect this is what she will expect from a future partner and is less vulnerable to substandard treatment.

Biddulph also addresses boundaries, sexuality, feminism and the importance of helping your daughter find what makes her spark. I am personally in the latter camp, hence the inclusion of this bestselling book which is, in part, how I managed to get my daughter to sleep so well. This book takes a look at more than sleeping though. Ford begins with a comprehensive chapter on pre-birth preparation and then lays out pages upon pages of detailed timetables for when babies of different ages should take milk and sleep.

Ford argues that when a baby has a strict routine it is more contented and less anxious. All I can say is, it very much worked for me. This book contains parenting tips spread across chapters encompassing pregnancy, sleep and patience. Having devoured all , part of you will wish you could turn back time and live in an apartment in Montmarte surrounded by the scent of freshly baked baguette. If, like us, the idea of raising teenagers makes you want to run for the hills or the nearest pub, then The Teenage Brain is probably essential reading for you.

Written by a neurologist this book draws on extensive clinical research into brain function and turns the findings into practical advice for parents and teenagers. This is a thick and weighty tome and is full of graphs and diagrams. However, Jensen offsets all of the science with funny anecdotes about her own experiences as a mother of two teenage boys. And it really is. Her voice is as warm and companiable as it is on TV and, having had three children of her own, she really knows her stuff. The book is essentially a collection of all of the tips and bits of advice Willoughby has picked up along the way.

From a recipe for cookies that are said to promote lactation in new mothers to how to best bath your new born, this is a great book for first-time parents.

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  • Another excellent, practical manual for first time parents, Keep Calm is written by a family GP and mother of two. This is a no-nonsense, straight-talking manual for women who want confidence for both themselves and their babies. Here, her words have been published - but many of the works remain incomplete and-unedited.

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    McNish wrote when she was dog tired, deliriously happy and gripped by anxiety. But within her diaries she hits on important issues - the big stuff - love and sex and the little things that help new mums get by like cinema trips and the promise of work. A really remarkable book. In Five Deep Breaths, Clinical Psychologist Von Lob tackles all of those outside influences and opinions and urges parents to give themselves a break and offers simple, practical tips on how to raise confident children based on principles of mindfulness and neuroscience.

    She calls for calm and shows you how to get there. This is a must-read for any parent who feels stressed out and living in an environment often rife with tension and anxiety. She also tackles the teenage years with a particularly touching section on how to deal with rejection. And now Clemmie Hooper has launched a journal for expectant and new mothers to fill in on a week-by-week basis. The blank spaces where you can fill in everything from details about where you were when you found out you were pregnant to your entire birth story, are of course interspersed with advice, tips and reassurance from Hooper.

    It has to be Your Baby Week By Week : it has a simple layout, is easy to read and offers endless reassurance for new parents in a non-patronising, gentle way.

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    ESBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. Gray, things are never as black and white as they might first appear. Before my first letter reached him, I had already read his Ladder of Lights , and had bought it from the bird-like and red bow-tied Geoffrey Watkins himself in Watkins Bookshop , Cecil Court, London, where I escaped to during a school trip. He told me tales of his own father and Madam Blavatsky , and the spirit bells that rang wherever she walked.

    Today, while I was not surprised by how much of the content I had forgotten, I was startled and touched by the sheer depth and humanity of his replies, even though they were expressed in a completely unsentimental way. In these letters you will also find chunks of lucid prose that are as good as anything ever written by anyone. I think of the great Aleister Crowley sitting up in bed casting I Ching sticks to decide whether he wakes Leah up to poke her or not. I think of skinny old Gerald Gardner, King?

    All because of a pathetic puerility and a lack of genuine love anywhere. Poor, poor little people. God grant them love in their next life-rounds. They need it desperately. And marvel also at the following advice he gave me, a teenager, at the very beginning of my adventures on what was once termed The Path:. One has to go on, and on, and on, to the bitter bloody end, because one has to.

    Nevertheless, once you become part and parcel of the Magical Tradition especially that of the West, expect difficulties from all directions. Ultimately you will either overcome or outlive them, even if you re-incarnate a few lives on the way. He was right there: there was never any turning back in my own life.

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    Plus novels and novellas that are all set in his local area. Mind you, he regards supporting the latter as being the closest thing a man can get to a Near Death Experience. He does not belong to any group or society, does not take pupils, no longer gives lectures, and insists on holding down a full-time job in the real world like any other mortal. That, after all, is part and parcel of the real Path — however it might be defined. He is married with four daughters, and lives the life of a Happy Hermit in the south-west of England.

    Andy Burnham explores acoustic, colour and shadow theory to get inside the minds of the Neolithic and Bronze Age people…. The Sacred Story The sacred story…. Letters of Light: a collection of missives from William G. William G. Facebook Comments. Related Articles. Megalithic Mysteries by Andy Burnham. The Sacred Relationship of Yoga and Ayurveda. Angelic Intervention in the First World War. Your Summer Reading List. Recent Articles.

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