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Front Matter Pages Pages Philosophical Faith and the Future of Mankind. An Interview with George B. Karl Jaspers: Philosophical Faith of a Scientist. Honoring the Messenger. Philosophical Faith and Its Ambiguities. Faith and Affirmation. Faith, Science, and Philosophy. Jaspers Meets Confucius. Verstehen in Historical-Philosophical Interpretation. Philosophical Faith, Periechontology, and Philosophical Ethics.

Can Corporate Capitalism Be Redeemed? Philosophical Faith and the Foundering of Truth in Time. Freedom in the Space of Nothingness. Philosophical Faith: The Savior of Humanity. When this became clear to everyone around them it became nearly common knowledge that the prince was in love with a girl, and everyone from the commoner farming in Brill to the noble in Lucerne Hold came to obsess over this girl that may have finally tamed the playboy prince.

It wasn't until he had invited her to dinner with his family that the true scope of the relationship came to be realized by the one that may have mattered most in the form of Alice. The two of them grew much closer then Andrew did with Britney Hemsworth and in this way the two were truly in love though its true to say that Andrew took it for granted.

A relationship that had defined both of the Lovie children was on the verge of ending and neither were even a little aware that this was happening behind the scenes. One of the annual traditions of the Lucernian Academy was the Winter's Ball, and for the two years previous this years William had brought his sister Alice as his date of which he had pretended was an act to melt the girls hearts but in fact it had more to due with the fact that she was younger and without the invitation wouldn't have gone with him of which meant that he wouldn't have gone and his father would have lost his mind if he didn't.

In the year previous William and Alice had first got into their arguments as he had arrived with Alice bit shortly after this Britney Hemsworth had taken his eye, and had been able to covinse him to go around with her. During this time as Alice had remained alone she had been the source of many jokes from some of Britney's friends of whom Britney had pushed into this as she attempted to push Alice away from William knowing how strong her influence was over William.

This year because of their fighting being particularlly bad, and the fact that William was for the first time actually in a real relationship he didn't invite her, and on the eve of the dance it appeared that Alice wasn't going to be coming. Amber Heard was in a precarious position as she wasn't all that popular in the Shadow Council as she was seen as somewhat of an outsider that didn't play well with others, and thus if she repaired the relationship between Alice and William then she risked William having one more person to go to that might not like her.

But despite this danger she knew what William's heart wanted and she already loved him so deeply at that point that she couldn't bear to see him hurt, even if he didn't know he was hurting. William and Amber would go to a dinner where Amber hoped Alice would be and thus she would convinse the two siblings to talk through their problems, but as she arrived she saw that it was only William, and his aunt and uncle with no sign of Alice.

When Amber wondered where Alice was William would tell her that his father had sent her away to Nortburg for a few days as Alice had not wanted to go to dinner with William as angry as she was. Scolded by his aunt Catherine for saying such a mean thing about Alice he was visably angry by the fact that Alice had seemingly ditched him and convinsed his father to send her away for a few days. In fact the truth was that Bill realized that they were fighting and had conspired to attempt to make it worse by having Alice sent to Nortburg with Michelle Trachtenburg where he hoped William would be unable to forgive her after she returned.

At this knowledge it became clear to Amber that she could no longer sit on the sidelines and wait for either Alice, or William to make the first move, and thus she went to Alice a girl that she only knew through the legends of Alice Lovie, and a girl that clearly held the heart of the man she loved with everything in her.

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Amber Heard and Alice would come to the shared conclusion that she was going to need to be the one that made the first move or else they risked William always ignoring the situation. For William during this time he remained by the side of Amber, and Emmett of whom was very uncomfortable during this time as he was forced to both choose between his best friends, and at the same was being forced to go to the dance with Lauren Oakheart of whom he hated, and was only there to get a chance at William.

Jasper was completely alone at this point and had as said previously even pushed away Emmett, and despite his reservations and attempts to get her away from him, Alice had remained the only one willing to be around him in his depression over his friendship with William crumbling. Alice came to him with the idea that the time was now for them all to get back together, and that the only way it could work was if he invited her as his date.

Jasper at this point was a leper amongst the girls of the school because of what he had done to Kristen, and Blake and the fact that noone wanted to upset the prince so he relunctantly said yes to her proposal. Arriving at the ball everyone who was anyone in the academy was their and as William, Amber, Lauren, and Emmett arrived they made their way to their table and prepared to spend the night enjoying eachother's company.

The quiet table would be interupted when they found that the two empty chairs at their table were set up for Jasper, and Alice by the two of them arriving at the table and in an act of bravery they both sat down. Seeing them both sit down, William shook his head before getting up from the table followed quickly from behind by everyone at the table outside of Lauren who had no idea what was going on. When they finally caught up with him outside he broke down and said he couldn't take it anymore how bad he felt all the time, and he didn't know how to move forward anymore.

As the group watched the rock of the group break down Alice lunged forward and took him into a hug which the two maintained for sometime before the whole group begin talking through the problems of the the past. Everyone got everything off their chest that had been bothering them for so long that it had built up into something horrible, and as they talked through it they were all finally able to move past the crimes of the past, and accept that they all needed eachother. Following the Winter Ball the relationship was mainly fixed between William, and Alice and this caused an increase in the relationship of Amber and Alice as the two were now around each other all the time due to their shared time with William.

On the days that Andrew and Alice couldn't go down to Lucerne proper on their adventures Andrew begin to even take Amber Heard who had a silent enjoyment for taking part in the adventures, but even beyond that she just wanted to spend time with the prince that had her heart. The two would take their little swords and journey down into the city, and unlike on times when he went with Alice the times were more filled with silent contemplation on top of the roofs of buildings they came to enjoy climbing.

The two became quite open in their romance as this came to pass, and although Andrew still went with Alice whenever she was able, there wasn't such a deep sadness that he was going with someone other then Alice the way there was when he tried to take other girls he had been involved with. Their was no jealously between Alice and Amber, and she came to enjoy spending time with Amber on a level that had never even been contemplated between Alice and Andrew's previous girlfriends.

As time went on the adventures of Amber, and Andrew took on a different turn as Andrew had become interested in seeing the caves of Lucerne proper and he silently knew that if he told Alice about that then she wouldn't let him go because he might get hurt in there. Instead he told Amber that he, Jasper, and Emmett were going there and that he would miss her while they were gone, and while she and he became intimate before he left he forced her to promise him that she wouldn't come and she relunctantly promised him. After the violence and death that was the Tri-wizard tournment it was Edward Cullen , and Hilary Swift that decided that no matter what there families said they needed to get out of Hogwarts and in this way they would use write home telling there families that they were coming home no matter what the consequences they faced.

The letter from Edward to William would be intercepted by his twin sister Blake Cullen of whom having become bitter towards Edward by what she had heard through the lies of Jasper opened the letter and read it planning to use it to embaress Edward with the shadow council once he returned. It was William who would be sitting in the gardens following the departure of Faye Skane when he is interrupted from his reading by the arrival of Blake Cullen who has arrived and brings news from her father that Edward Cullen is returning to the capital, and together they read the letter which clearly Blake has already read despite the letter specifically saying for her not to read it as inside is embarrassing things about Edward including the fact that he didn't really make friends while he was in Hogwarts and is very lonely.

Using their Magi abilities they would fly back to Lucerne using broom stick and flying beside his best friend Hilary Swift and the two are silent and as Edward flies he thinks on what they are leaving - describing that he was in Hogwarts and the violence and death that they were leaving behind - but he is taken out of his day dreaming by Hilary who begins lowering her broom to the ground and following her they land and without a word they begin setting up a tent using Magi and then get inside and curl up together in what he thinks is not romantic at all and then fall asleep.

Edward and Hilary stop in Brill first where they meet with Hilary's family of whom have not seen her for years, and the two spend nearly a week there before finally leaving to go to Lucerne where Hilary will join Edward at the Lucernian Academy. The return of Edward Cullen would be a moment that unknown to Edward came with a lot of things happening before it with the first and most critical being the fallout from Williams coma.

Following the exiting of William from his coma the inter-relationships within the Shadow Council declined as both Jasper, Leven, and to a certain extent Emmett blamed Edward for being unable to get William out of the coma. This belief was held due to Bill Lovie feeding them this information through those loyal to him that Edward had learned how to use the spells needed but was hoping that William wouldn't wake up so he could regain his position before he left.

Thus when Edward finally did return to Lucerne he found himself met with suspicion by all the group outside of William of whom didn't believe his fathers words and with this bitterness already growing among the group before he returned it was Edward that also returned to find that Tanya Cullen was furious with him. Edward and Tanya had left on amazing terms nearly declaring there love for eachother but while Edward had been away it was a bitter Jasper that had worked to turn Tanya against Edward with Jasper convinsing Tanya that Edward had chosen to leave for Hogwarts instead of having a tudor sent to Lucerne like was offered, and this would lead to Tanya stopping sending letters to Edward as the two had been doing.

Since Emmett, and Jasper ignored him like the plague, and William and Leven seemed always busy it was Edward that grew close to Hostella Hale as no matter what Edward tried with Tanya she remained mad at him. This growing romance between Edward and Hostella was the first love of Hostella but for Edward this may have been the first truly selfish act of his life as he still loved Tanya but not getting her made him use somewhat the love of Hostella for him.

Edward was by this point extremely lonely and begin taking to going to the underground lake to swim. Hundreds went there each day to swim in the water that was warmed by hot springs, but he was a talented swimmer and went to one of the more secluded and deeper sections of the lake, and it was there that Hostella followed him. Wanting to spend time with him Hostella followed him after learning where he was from his father, and upon arriving she watched him from the lakeshore to scared to go in.

She would slip and fall into the water without anyone around knowing and she would be unable to swim and drowned in the water. As Edward swam out of the water he found her lifeless body in the water and his screams alerted the crowd to the situation. Jasper arrived with Dorna and seeing her fallen body being carried away by gaurds of House Hale who had arrived first he demanded his friend tell him what had happened. Sobbing with tears Edward told him that he was swimming and she must have attempted to come see him and drown trying.

The two would get into a fight which was broken up by the onlookers but Jasper yelled every painful thing he could think of at Edward. They carried her away and I don't know when but I fell to my knees. I felt an arm go to my shoulder and looked to see my father gently rubbing my shoulder trying to make me feel better. It didn't work. I wanted to die. I wanted to escape all the pain of it all, and I wondered briefly looking at the water if Hostella had it right. She was free of it all now.

Looking around I saw the shocked onlookers all wanting a look at the poor dead Lady that had perished in her persuit of love. They all stared at me and it brought me back to how Harry must have felt back in Hogwarts. Everyone staring at you, and as they do you know in your heart they are split in why. Some hate you. Some love you. This split broke me into pieces in this moment, and he dealt with it every day of his life.

I watched as the crowd parted and through the opening one of my closest friends in the entire world stepped out in Jasper. Holding his cousin Dorna by the arm I saw the hope leave his eyes as he saw them carrying her away. I suppose everyone wants to believe in that moment that their loved one has somehow survived the fate that awaited them. Noone runs to these scenes believing their loved one is dead. Jasper walked painfully towards me and I brought him into a hug as he cried.

It had been so long since we had been anything other then enemies, and seeing him so broken made me realize how much we all had meant to eachother. Leaving had lost me everything, and seeing the four of them now showed me how truly departed from the group I was. He cried for a few minutes while my father ushered people away, and then suddenly he pulled back staring me while wiping the tears from his eyes. He wanted me to explain to him why his beloved cousin was dead following me to the lake.

Everyone knew she was afraid of the water, and everyone knew she was quite smitten with me. I saw Emmett come into my vision and where I should have felt comofrted by a friend arriving, I had little illusions where Emmett would side if the chips fell. Didn't ask another pointless question. He just punched away with all the anger and resentment that I could feel he had been struggling with.

He was strong. The first punch knocked me to the ground and I felt my shoulder twist as I hit hard against a rock. Jasper moved in and hit me again one more time before my father stepped between absorbing another strike meant for me. After that the people around were able to grab him and pull him away. I wanted to stand there and take it. I wanted him to beat me until we were back to what we were. But life doesn't always give you what you want, and as the two of us stared at eachother both crying he was dragged away all the way still screaming at me with every ounce of hate I knew he felt for me.

Emotionally destroyed Edward stays in his room for days and its several days into his self isolation that Lyanna Starke a member of the Cloud Council arrives at his room and the two have a long conversation where Lyanna is able to convince him not to give up on life preaching about the value of life thorugh her eyes as a Dragonoph Priestess.

Emotionally destroyed by what has happened Edward had been staying in his room for days and thus its several days into his self isolation that Lyanna Starke arrives at the House Cullen estates. Initially she is blocked by Blake Cullen from entering as Blake has come to take the side of the others and has been purposely keeping people from seeing her brother including Tanya Cullen of whom has come almost every day, but with Lyanna she is unable to stop her due to her friendship with William and thus Lyanna is able to get into Edwards bedroom where she finds him curled in a ball on his bed.

The two have a long conversation where Lyanna is able to convince him not to give up on life preaching about the value of life through her eyes as a Dragonoph Priestess, and while Edward doesn't come to truly believe in the Dragon anymore then he already did he believes her. Feeling better after the conversation he speaks with his sister of whom attacks him verbally but during this conversation she lets slip that Tanya had been coming to the estate every day trying to see him and with this Edward storms out and gets on his horse and leaves Lucerne travelling towards the House Denali estates.

I don't know why Glaurung took her, but he had a reason. I honestly just thought I would be coming home to the same home that I left. That you just used your father as an excuse to get away from all of us. Understood exactly why everyone had been angry with me. They all thought I had chosen this. I'm sorry I didn't respond to any of your letters. I read everyone of them. I read them all and it just made me so confused about why you could say all those things and yet still want to leave. I'm so sorry Edward. Edward and Mathew's hatred is now legendary but at the time they didn't know eachtoher and it would be their interaction that would create the hatred.

This hatred begin when during his time at the Lucernian Academy he flirted openly with Blake Cullen to a point that Edward eventually told him to step back from her and his arrogance made him at first believe that this person was nothing compared to him and thus he chose to ignore Edwards threat. As he reangaged in a relationship with Blake Cullen Mathew's friends there told him that he shouldn't get invovled with Edward as his best friend was William Lovie and that would be a fight you could not or would not win.

Philosophical Faith and the Future of Humanity

Despite these warnings he refused to heed their words and thus he was discovered by Edward after he flaunted his romance with Blake in front of Edward's face while he was in the courtyard training with Jasper Hale. Edward at the time had a sword and it took a silent movement by Jasper to take the sword so that Edward didn't use it to kill Mathew, but the removal of the sword only made the two fight with fists, and before long they were full out fighting in the courtyard.

As teachers were unable to intervene it took the silent arrival of one person to silence the entire crowd when William Lovie entered the courtyard. After a moment of silence William who at the time was still argueing with Edward about what he had returned for, and said to him but this changed nothing about harming Edward. After William, Jasper, and Emmett picked up Edward they were unable to stop him from challenging Mathew to a duel which he was honor bound to accept, and with that the duel was a forgone conclusion.

The outcome of the fight would forever change both men as they both believed that without intervention they would have been victorious, and this remains a point of open contention between the two. In the early days of his teenage years Sean Lovie continued to feel rejected by the lack of relationship with his brother William, and his father Bill, and as time went by and his loneliness increased this resentment only grew in the heart of Sean Lovie.

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The only relationship that seemed to have any balance for Sean in his own mind was the one he shared with his sister Alice Lovie. This relationship would come to be the only true relationship that Sean had, and while Sean grew to love Alice in an entirely brotherly way, Alice was hiding a growing fear towards her brother due to the manner in which he begin to act.

To the outside world and even to Sean the two appeared close, but for Alice she was hiding the fear deep within herself and refusing to tell anyone about it including her beloved brother William as she feared what William would do to Sean if he knew how lost Sean was truly becoming. Unfortunately as they both aged, Sean's desires for Alice only increased and as he was also becoming increasingly deranged due to a near constant abuse from his father he was very poor at hiding his desires and over the course of time many in the capital began whispering about Sean having unnatural feelings towards Alice.

Seeing the growing resentment between Sean and William, and feeling his own resentment towards Alice, Bill began forming a plan to remove Alice of whom he begin to blame for everything wrong in his life. Bills only problem was that Sean had a deep as revealed through time a taboo love for Alice, and this meant that he had great difficulty in turning Sean to his plans of removing Alice through violence.

Eventually as he continued to read from the Magi book Myctism Bill progressed in magical power to such an extent that he formulated a potion that once ingested by Sean it would allow Bill Lovie to mold Sean through having a complete control over Sean's emotion. This potion had been designed by Bill to increase the level of violence, and hate within the heart of Sean and realizing that Alice was the person that Sean thought the most of he believed it would lead to a violent encounter between Sean and Alice, but what Bill did not take into account for was the fact that Sean already harbored some very dark thought's and so while working by increasing his violent thoughts it also caused Sean to become nearly completely unhinged.

Alice Lovie would become the target of Bill Lovie for murder, and it was his own son Sean that he would mold to target her. As Sean Lovie was escalating it would be his interaction with Ellen Page that would completely push him over the edge and lead to his first true demise. Ellen Page would join her family during an attempt by her father to meet the king and when she did she stepped right into the lions den when she was seen by Sean Lovie as she walked with her parents and two brothers.

Something about her called to Sean and he begin stalking her for days after this chance meeting and he finally caught her when she went south of Lucerne to a vineyard with two guards of House Page. Watching them from afar Sean was overcome with rage that she had been accompanied by guards and thus he moved ahead of the group and set traps for them as they passed the road.

One of the guards stepped on a trap immobilizing him, and when the other guard went to help him Sean was able to secure her after he went about killing the two guards. Stabbing them repeatedly to death would allow Ellen to briefly escape but he chased her down, and then knocked her out allowing him to kidnap her and take her to a forest cave he had turned into his home base, and there he prepared to torture her for hours.

It was late at night when Sean returned from his failure with Ellen Page, and looking for his sister he saw Alice walking the balcony of her room in nothing but her nightgown, and seeing her in this sexualized position was too much for him and he charged through her door and attempted to rape her.

The two scuffled for a time, and the noise they made during their fight woke William of whom Sean hadn't even checked to see if he was home in his madness induced rage, and coming to the sounds William charged into the room. Seeing the situation and now no longer able to pretend his brother wasn't a monster William quickly beat Sean, and unable to accept that he had hurt Alice, William started to kill Sean by strangling him. As he was strangling Sean it was Alice that put her hand on his shoulder and whispered for him to stop. Every ounce of his soul wanted to kill his brother in that moment but he looked to Alice and saw tears streaming down her face, and he couldn't bear to add more pain to her, and thus grudgingly William Lovie III.

William would hold Alice tight as by this point guards had entered the situation, and Bill came to room feigning confusion over what had happened but quickly in order to keep the support of William he commanded Draco Highmore to put Sean in chains and lock him in the bottom of the tower.

It was in this moment that Bill saw his daughter in a different light then he had ever seen her before, but the voices in his head would keep him from revealing anything real to his children and he would eventually leave without honesty. Lock away the monster, and I will see to his judgment. I watched as my command was quickly heeded by Draco of whom assisted by two of the other guards grabbed Sean and took him towards the elevator where he would be locked up on the bottom floor. As I turned back though I saw her. Maybe this was the first time I had ever really seen her.

I don't know what it was about her face when I looked back into that room. My mind was filled with the endless lies I had told myself to say to William to make him see my truth, but as I walked in and saw her for a split second I saw something. Hidden beneath her eyes was something I recognized. I almost fell down, and it was only the arm of Hayden holding me up that kept me from falling to the ground. My heart pounded, and I felt this sort of despair that I couldn't place.

William looked at me with a confusion that made me feel worse because it was built on the fact that he couldn't understand why I was sad about Alice being hurt. My son had been so corrupted to who I was that he thought that little of me. You have my word that boy will pay very dearly for this. I think that was the first time I had instinctively called her my daughter. I guess I always knew she was my daughter, and when formally required I've said it before, but never in my own mind.

Whatever he was, or could have been you ruined with your hatred. At what point do you sit back and just admit to the world the damage you have caused. I could have said something. Looking at him with all that raw emotion I could have made things different for us in so many ways. But in the end it came down to the simplest of truths. If I told my truth then he might understand but he would hate me. For me I just couldn't live with the fact that if he knew the complete truth the monster he thought I was would pale in comparison to the monster I actually am.

So I did what he probably knew I would do. As I turned my back to the situation and walked out of the room I could just make out the sobs of Alice, and yet again I felt the desire to help her. But yet again I did nothing. William would stay with Alice the entire night letting her sleep in his bed for the night to keep her calm, and then in the morning his aunt Catherine Bell arrived at the tower at his request and watched over her as William needed to deal with Sean.

Leaving Alice crying with his aunt William told Hayden Percy to take him to Sean, and Draco would tell him that this wasn't the time and that judging from what just happened Bill wouldn't want him to do that. William would upon his failure to convince Hayden attempt to convince Draco, but despite Draco wanting to do this he was hamstrung by his honor to the king of Lucerne. William would let it rest for a night because even in his hatred and anger towards his brother he knew that the beautiful sister that he loved so deeply needed him more then his vengeance.

Returning to Alice she fell into his arms as soon as she saw him, and Catherine left them to go and find her brother and try to learn more, and the rest of the day the two would talk, and Alice would tell William yet again how much she wanted their father to just reach out and say something to her.

Alice was very open to revealing that even indifference would be preferable to the way he treated her now, and this feeling only made William hate his father more. William knew that Sean would just try this again so he decided that he needed to so greatly shame Sean that he would leave the city.

Speaking to Jasper Hale , and Emmett McCarty about what had happened they would come up with idea of him challenging Sean and following through on this William went to the town crier the next morning and sent out a decree for Sean to duel him the next day. William never believed Sean would show up considering how skilled with a blade that William was, and the fact that Sean had little to no skill at the art of battle. But when the day did come he stood on the steps of Lucerne surrounded by a massive crowd, and saw Sean walking down the road towards him wearing the armor that he remembered had been given to Sean by Maron Scorpian as a gift on his twelfth birthday.

As Sean walked towards him with a look of pure fear in his eyes Alice begged William to not give Sean the gratification that this fight would give him. She knew that for Sean the hatred of William meant that he was probably willing to give up his life so that William would have to carry the title of kin slayer around with him for the rest of his life. William wanted to listen to his sister but when he saw the scarf on her neck he remembered the fear he had that his sister was dead or raped and could not.

Sean and William would argue for several minutes discussing all the things that had went wrong between the two, and after Sean continued making sexual comments about Alice William exploded on him and the fight went basically as everyone had assumed it would as William and his vastly superior fighting skills brutalized Sean throughout the fight eventually knocking him to the ground. Despite being beaten quite badly and bleeding from cuts on his face Sean would charge forward grabbing a sword from a guard and threatening to kill William, but would be stopped when William got under his guard and knocked the sword away before Sean would trip and fall down the steps hitting his head.

In the aftermath of the fight between William and Sean, Alice was visited by Bill Lovie, and in this meeting he set out exactly the future for Alice as by this point Bill Lovie came to understand that there was no relationship possible between himself and William as long as Alice was in the picture. After telling her father that she was sorry any of this happened he proceeded to charge her and beat her quite badly. After several minutes he stopped and realized the extent of what he'd done. Her father threatened to kill William if Alice told William about the beating by him - an obvious bluff since nothing was more important to Bill then the uplifting of his prized heir - and this threat shocked Alice to her core.

In fear that Bill might kill William, Alice lied to him about how she was beaten up, and was forced to continue the lie two months later when he attacked her again. After the second time she threatened Bill that she was going to tell William, and that he would kill Bill. In that moment Alice's fate was sealed, and Bill went about creating the spell that would remove Alice from the memory of all who knew her.

The beginning of the end of Alice came in the days preceding the casting of the spell, and during this time the Circle of Magi would travel across Lucerne placing wards that would limit the scope of the spell, and the people affected by its actions. Knowing that the Magi users of Lucerne were divided and he controlled the only organized Magi users he knew he could escape notice, and thus moved to set the first of the runes in place in William's room. He walked around William's room for many minutes simply speaking out loud in some sort of chant like speech that she couldn't understand but for some reason the tone in his words scared her directly to her core.

He continued to chant and then abruptly stopped before sitting on his bed for a second before he chanted again and then laid down on the bed. She watched from the corner as the King of Lucerne appeared to be in some sort of stupor, and something about the change in him as time went on told her that for her sake he had best not see her, so while he laid there she moved the blanket she was under farther up her body so that it completely covered her. He would continue to chant, and then as this continued a cloaked man Khadgar walked in carrying a stone and she looked him dead in the eyes and he saw her, but he didn't say anything and just passed the stone to Bill before giving her one last look before leaving the room.

Bill would go to his knees and begin praying before the stone, and as this went on it begin to glow blue, and then disappeared into nothing, and despite this Bill continued to kneel down praying. He eventually got up when Carlisle Cullen walked into the room and told him that William was returning, and in that moment he simply got up without a word and left the room. She sat motionless in the corner still covered by the blanket as William walked into the room, and unlike his father William immediately saw her in the corner, and went to her and embraced her in a tight hug.

He held her close as if he somehow understood what had happened to her, and as she cried into his shoulder she fell so deeply in love with the boy holding her that she simply held him close for what might have been hours. William would leave the room to say goodnight to Alice, and Amber was hell bent on telling him what had happened the moment he returned, but a moment after he left the door to his room reopened and Carlisle came inside.

Carlisle would confront her on telling William as he lied to her that in truth Carlisle was leading a rebellious movement in the land, and was just waiting for this moment to strike. Amber would tell Carlisle that he had a day to get his affairs in order before she would tell William, and Carlisle knowing the spell was being cast the next day would agree to the offer, and when William returned Amber didn't tell him.

With the secret kept due to the lies of Carlisle Cullen the Circle of Magi would come together in summoning the spell, while Bill Lovie stood at the top of the Cloud Tower and focused the spell itself. In a moment that would change the fabric of Lucerne , and most dangerously would completely shatter both Sean, and William Lovie their father Bill completed his spell that would erase Alice from the world.

As the spell finished, and there was nothing that could stop it from enacting itself Bill was overcome by his hatred of Alice, and in a fit of blind rage ran into Alice's room in the middle of the night and laughed at her because he was about to remove her from William's memory. For a moment Alice wanted to run and get William but still the fear of his death was too much for her to bear, and so she remained calm as her father verbally attacked her.

After exhausting himself screaming at Alice he was interrupted by Draco Highmore of whom came at the sound of the screaming, but was sent away on the command of Bill. For a single moment Draco looked to Alice as he had enough of looking the other way, but she wiped the tears from her face and nodded that he shouldn't do anything. As Bill left Draco would return but as he attempted to comfort her she commanded him away, and ran to Williams room where she buried her head in his pillow. Alice then spent the rest of the night waiting for her beloved brother to return home but he was out with Amber Heard and he didn't return until nearly the morning and when he went into her room to check on her, he found her cradling the doll that he had given her as a child and dried tears running down her face.

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The site broke his heart and he laid down beside her and held her close as he too fell asleep. Bill Lovie would enter her room in the morning to find his two children knocked out by the power of his spell but even in that moment his arms were wrapped protectively around her, and he had to get Carlisle to come in and assist him in releasing Andrew's grip on her. But his grip was released and they put Alice into a sack, and put her into a wagon where she was to be brought to rest in Forks and then dumped on the side of the road.

Alice Lovie was dropped off at the outskirts of Forks by Bill Lovie's cronie Kieth Schwartz following her going into a coma following the spell. Through this work Bill had set her up with a job in Forks, at that local tavern - he silently hoped she would be killed while working there - and on top of this he created back stories for her where in her parents were killed, and she had left Lucerne because of this.

While William had yet to wake from his transformation she was made to wake easier by the fact that she had been beaten while asleep by the inscreasingly insane form of her father Bill Lovie. When Alice awoke in her small room on the ground on the side of the road her head was in horrible pain, and so debilitating was the pain that she was unable to move for almost two days.

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She just barely managed to pull herself into the ditch at the side of the road which saved her from being run over by the constant wagons that crossed the roads. When she was finally able to move she went towards the city where she could find things in her mind that told her she worked at a local tavern. When she arrived the tavern owner who had been paid by Bill Lovie went about punishing her for her lateness, and then on Bill's orders prepared to make her life a living hell. As Alice was broken in spirit and mind by the departure from Lucerne and her beloved brother she was not alone in this feeling as back in Lucerne her brother William would suffer deeply as a result of her departure.

While Alice had woken early the same day of the spell being cast, William had not woken over the entirety of the day, and had to be watched by Carlisle and Bill of whom by this point were growing more worried about why he hadn't grown up. As hours passed without him waking Bill begin to scream that Alice needed to be killed, and that was the reason he hadn't woken but this was ignored as his more evil of lackeys were away and those near were loyalists to the Kingdom.

That night Amber would arrive at the Cloud Towers to try and find William, as she had discovered she was pregnant, but when she arrived she was told that William wasn't seeing visitors, and she was forced to leave. Bill commanded the Cloud Tower to be locked down, and thus they continued to send Amber, and then the Shadow Council away, but on the third day Draco Highmore would secretly tell Jasper that William had slipped into a coma.

Leven, and Amber would collapse emotionally into his arms as he lay on the bed, as he was bedrock for the two emotionally, and both loved him, and eventually the group was discovered by Bill of whom summoned Draco to see him. Draco would go to the King assuming he would be killed, but instead Bill wanted to use this as a chance to get the information out about his son's coma, and he planned to blame the affair on some of the more rebellious elements within the Kingdom including the Swan's, and Starke's.

As it was discovered that William was in a coma the entire Kingdom went into hysterics as the silent hope of the Kingdom was that when William came of age he would save them from the madness of his father, but with his demise that hope was slipping through their fingers. Thousands begin flocking to the Sky Towers to pray for his return, and all attempts to disperse the crowds ended with failure. During this coma Amber remained by his side the entire time, as she had realized only two days before his coma that she was pregnant with his child.

During this time Jasper, Dylan, Leven, and Emmett attempted to stay in the room as well all camping out for several nights before Bill Lovie had them all sent away with his Circle of Magi guards except for Amber of whom he believed perhaps could rouse William due to his affection for her. When Amber's presence didn't wake William Bill came to blame her for the coma his son was in, and in this way he began threatening her on a daily basis.

At first it was completely shocking and Amber didn't know what to do but eventually he started to become violent and she pleaded with him to stop. The end came when he entered the room with a knife and threatened to kill William if Amber didn't leave the city. Following this confrontation he left her to be with William knowing he had shaken her to the core, and during the night she spent one last night at his side.

I walked up the hallway commanding Ser Narose Scorpian, and John Shephard to wait for me and not let anyone pass under my authority. Walking forward I looked through the slit in the wall and saw Amber sleeping on his sleeping form and felt a great amount of pain for what I knew I had to do to her. She loved my son of that there could be no question, but I saw his feelings for her the same way I saw his feelings for the Numenorian girl.

He cared for her but My earlier threats had led to nothing as she stayed by his side night and day despite threat of death, but I knew who she was, and I knew how I could control her. When I raised my head I saw she had woken, and she looked at me with shear terror in her eyes. It was clear that when I threatened her life, and those around her she was frightened but she loved him more then herself. I would have done anything in the world to make him wake up, even if that meant he did defend her to my punishment, but when I looked at him there was nothing.

That had to mean she was irrelevent to him. That had to mean I was right. As she fell backwards she pulled William somewhat off the bed tumbling his one side nearly to the ground. I let out a scream, and as I ran around the bed to get him back to his position I felt her try and help me get him back onto the bed, but feeling her touch me made me angrier then I may have ever been. Included in these things was the belief that they could kill me and take the crown from my family.

Your parents were one of those people Amber. Your cousin Martin put up a fight but my men slit his throat. Your cousin Thomas was dragged before me and I pulled out his tongue and left him to bleed out in a cell. Your parents you see they were dragged from their beds and burned alive. You ask how you live. You wonder why I killed everyone else but you.

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Search your mind as to where you were when your parents died. You escaped death because you were in Hillsbrad far from my reach.

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Had I of known where you were in those days I would have had them smash your pretty little face in with a rock before I ever let you near my son. Just be the man they want you to be and Now we need to move forward. My son is gone. I feel his presence leaving this world, and I cannot bare to see him like this. I only wish to leave him in peace in this room alone. She knew in that moment that I was threatening William, and that was all together to much for her to handle. If you do not travel home to Forks then I will put a pillow over his head until he is gone away.

Why would Even in these final moments she still believed in him as strongly as I did. I would put my beloved prince out of his misery if you do not leave here. Do not doubt the things I would do to protect his memory. The next morning before Bill had returned to send her away for good Catherine Lovie came to his room to see both William, and Amber, and during this time the two would hold each other and she begged Amber to leave as she had heard through her own spies that Bill was preparing to have her killed.

When Amber told Catherine that Bill had threatened William's life she was shocked beyond anything as Catherine had believed that William was the one piece on the board that he would never risk damaging, and realizing William was threatened the two understood that Amber needed to leave, and she loved him so deeply that she couldn't bear the thought of his death and she agreed to flee the city. Khadgar would sneak into the room of William and finding Bill passed out in the corner he would silently take the blue stone from Bill Lovie of which kept the world from remembering Alice Lovie, and he would damage it slightly causing the spell to weaken somewhat.

The following day with the spell releasing somewhat to the point that the two siblings would begin to dream of each other it begin to spark an awakening of William, and Alice which led to the two waking up three days after Khadgar damaged the blue stone. Following his coma he would be clearly lost without Alice though he didn't know that it was her loss that troubled him, and in this way his father would bring in Alistair Irons of his loyalist House Irons who he thought would put Andrew back into line with what he was before. When Alistair arrived he attempted to at first get a lay of what was happening by talking to people around the young prince of which the principle person he spoke to was Draco Highmore of whom told him of how skilled in every way the young prince was but for whatever reason he couldn't put it all together.

Alistair watched the young prince from afar as he spent all his time with the group he called the shadow Council, and when he wasn't with them he was constantly finding different girls to spend his nights with. When he finally approached the young prince the two would have the following exchange. I ran away from Leven jumping over a chair laughing before I felt her leg catch me causing me to fall onto the ground causing us all to laugh. Leven let her hand out to help me up, and still laughing I let her pull me up which when I was moving upwards I saw a fully armored man walking towards us, and immediatly looked for my sword.

Before I could find it he stood straight between me and Leven. When he did I saw Jasper nearly vault between me and the man followed shortly after by Dylan, and Emmett. Surely he was a noble by the armor he carried that much was clear. He must have been approved to see me or else he would be a pile of bloody armor due to Draco Highmore. The moment I did Jasper lunged at me, and I was just able to throw him aside before I stood over the young prince who was holding his face.

Look around you and you'll see pain. You have a city filled with pain, and yet you do nothing. This isn't the prince I heard of when I was younger. The prince that tried his hardest at everything he ever did. This isn't the kind of person you want to be and I know that. He wanted to be better, and that was the only indication I needed.