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This clip ensures that the knob is securely fastened to the control shaft, allowing you to properly select the correct time and setting for your dryer.

Washer Drive Block (part #WP389140) - How To Replace

If your dryer will not start or shut off, the timer will not advance, or the dryer shuts off too soon, the issue may be the control knob itself. This clip is sold individually. Although this part fits with some different brands, be sure to check the list of brands below to make sure it fits with your dryer unit.

Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for further installation instructions. Fixes these symptoms Shuts off too soon Timer will not advance Will not shut off See more Drain Hose. The drain hose is black in color and made of flexible material. This is a part for your top-load washer. The hose measures 57 inches long. This part moves the water out of the washer and into the drain. If this parts cracks or becomes damaged it will leak during the drain cycle of your wash and you may find water on the floor. To access the hose, you will need to move the washer away from the wall to get to the back of the appliance.

There will be two screws holding it in place that will need to be removed. Fixes these symptoms Fills and drains at the same time Leaking Will not drain See more This is a dual-action agitator for a washer. It is an OEM replacement part that is sourced from the manufacturer. The agitator tosses your clothes to clean them efficiently.

This plastic dual-action agitator is white in color. No tools are required for this repair. Your agitator has eight tabs that fasten on the drive block of your washer, which is driven by the transmission. This part does not include the agitator coupling kit, which is frequently purchased at the same time as the agitator.

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Fixes these symptoms Marks left on clothes Noisy Pumps but will not spin See more Split Ring. This split ring is two inches in diameter. This is a tub bearing and it is meant to work in conjunction with your washing machine. The purpose of this part is to aid in keeping the inner tub of your washing machine spinning smoothly during a wash cycle. This part is sold individually and measures to have an inner diameter of roughly 1 inch, and an outer diameter of roughly 2 inches.

Popular General Electric Washer Parts

V-Style Drive Belt. When belts are worn or frayed, they are known to make noise. If you have a top-load washer, a drive belt may be connecting the transmission to the drive motor. It would generally be a rubber V-belt covered in fabric to allow free movement. Or it could be a rubber belt aided by a tensioning device like an idler pulley, to stop the motor from causing too much friction to the belt.

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For front-loaders, the drive belt goes between the drive motor and the wash basket. If your drive belt is worn or frayed, it should be replaced straight away. After replacing the drive belt, run a wash cycle to ensure the belt is correctly fitted. Read more. Won't advance to next cycle or stops in mid-cycle. Slow or no agitation or spinning. Won't fill. Won't drain. Wrong water temperature. Making noise or vibrating. Won't start. Not working at all. Front-Load Washer repair guides. July 1, How to replace a motor control board on a front-load washer.

Repair difficulty. January 1, How to replace the door lock assembly on a front-load washer.

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