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The faerie general drowned out their disgruntled sounds as he dug his fingers into the fabric of the bed. His feet beat against the cushiony material as he struggled for better purchase. Savore scrambled behind him. Tofflepotts paused his ascent to glance at the spider. The spindly-legged monstrosity hung from the ceiling, suspended by a silver, almost translucent line protruding from its rear. Its body sank almost the full length of a faerie. The creature juddered as it descended once more. We will. A sound like hail striking a window rang clear over the pouring rain.

Tofflepotts and Savore turned towards the source. Sitting atop it, legs dangling off the edge, was another faerie. His heels drummed against the faux wood with almost woodpecker-like speed. He waved a hand fast enough to cause Tofflepotts worry. Any faster and the limb would surely come off. The general saluted the newcomer. The drumming ceased and he planted his heels against the shelf before pushing off.

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Tofflepotts groaned. Gama tucked his knees to his chest, tumbling through the air before straightening.

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He bent his knees and hunched, crashing into the soft base of the mattress. The faerie used his momentum to carry himself forward in a roll to absorb the impact. He sprung to his feet, turning around and bowing at the waist with a flourish. Gama dismissed the gripe, cricking his neck to the side and appraising the situation.

He brushed a finger against his thick, dark mustache as he gazed at the spider. What are you wearing? Why is it lavender? Where, why? Dangerous thing. No stopper, big trouble. He bent at the waist, reaching for a sliver of metal pinned to his calf with a tiny zip tie.

The latex-clad faerie plucked the sharpened piece of metal free and thrust it into the air in a gesture of challenge. Gama, what do you think you are doing? She yawned, particularly disinterested. Gama closed in on the wall at a ballistic speed, threatening to break through it. His legs kicked as he hit the wall and raced up it. Tofflepotts sputtered a series of indiscernible words and jabbed an angry finger towards Gama. What are we going to do? I had a plan. Faeries, go, do the thing! The rest of the faerie warriors traded quizzical glances, unsure of what their orders were. She grabbed hold of the fuzzy piece of clothing and tugged hard.

The sock inched its way up. She crashed to the bed with an oomph, buried under the garment. The faerie scrambled free, taking hold of one end of the sock as other little folk grabbed additional bits of it. They raced with it atop the blanket, stepping as lightly as they could.

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Tofflepotts directed them in with hand gestures in silence. Gama pushed off of the wall, releasing a shrill war cry as he pirouetted through the air. The spinning faerie cast the metal sliver into a wide arc towards the silken thread suspending the spider. Tofflepotts threw his hands to his mouth, hooting several times.

He raised a hand, extending his thumb before turning it upside down, hoping Gama caught the gesture. The airborne faerie noticed the command and inverted his body, following the spider as it fell. The arachnid impacted the sock, bouncing once and writing. Gama readjusted his body, leaning back and bringing himself to an upright position. He reversed the blade in his grip and cried out. He clawed at the fiend, fighting to grab hold of its legs. He failed. The faeries abandoned the task of holding the sock, sending Gama and the spider falling the last inch.

The faeries pummeled the spider without mercy. They bludgeoned it until its frenzied movement ceased. Gama sprung to his feet, pulling his sword free. His face pressed tight in disgust as he shook the ichor free of his sword. Gama tilted his head, eyeing the spider. Tofflepotts and Savore exchanged a quick glance. Gama bent at the waist, snatching one of the fangs. He gave it a waggle. Tofflepotts eyed Gama askance. Highly unsanitary, but, well earned. Tofflepotts blinked before turning to address the rest of the crowd. Today, you have not only shown brave bravery, you have shown tremendous courage!

Courage is the same thing. Her gaze drifted to the far wall near the door into the room. He turned, eyes ballooning at the sight. A flat, black mass formed on the wall. It spread like a nebulous cloud of darkness. The blackness morphed across the wall like it aimed to cover every inch of it. After expanding without stop, it contracted, pulling into itself and taking shape. Tofflepotts stammered incoherently, taking a step back while ushering Savore forward with a shove of his hand.

She stumbled a step in front of him, casting a glare of her shoulder. It is most troublesome looking. Gama stepped to his side, waving the recovered spider mandible. He thrust it towards the shadow. He turned to Savore, giving her a look that asked for help. Most boys however did not sport a pair of horns sprouting from their forehead. Nor did a ridgeline of spikes race down their backs like minute, jagged mountains. Its arms lengthened as did its fingers, becoming like the ends of a rake. Savore swallowed audibly. The Nightmare managed to turn its flat head and give the faeries a look like it could see them.

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Tofflepotts found that an interesting feat for a creature with no eyes to pull off. The faerie general realized he had no choice. Duty trumped personal desires. It was a call to something greater—higher than oneself. He had his position because he was trusted to do what was best for the young boy under his care. The same went for the faeries he led. He inhaled deeply and puffed up his chest.

Tofflepotts quivered, letting his fury flow into his extremities. The tiny faerie vibrated in place and worked not to lose his head. They snapped to a salute in robotic unison. Tofflepotts clicked his heels together before spinning towards the wall. He thrust a finger at the shadowy monstrosity.

They stared wide-eyed at the wall. Tofflepotts watched them quiver in place. He shifted his gaze to the wall without turning. The shadow crept along, moving at a pace reserved for a worm. Bits of its mass trailed behind before snapping to follow the rest like it was made from stretched rubber. He had to set an example. Tofflepotts imagined an iron rod going along his spine.

He snapped straight and pulled his shoulders back. That is what a Nightmare feeds on. It takes and twists the things you do not understand. It shapes the little doubts and fears you carry into larger ones. Do not let it. That is why they come in the night, why they lurk in the dark. They followed his lead, shouting out after him.

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An uproar reverberated in the spaces around the trio. The rest of the faeries joined suit, screaming at the monster in defiance. Their shouts washed over one another and prompted their skin to tingle. It is a dirty trick. Something meant to shake us of our duty, our resolve. We will not have it! A thunderous stomp echoed back as the entire army mimicked his gesture. It takes root and spreads. So we pull it out. We tear it free. We tear free our fear. We conquer it, and the monster! Every faerie shrieked in unison.

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  8. A mass of white fur darted by the bottom of the bedroom door, slipping in as if in reaction to the faerie war cry. Sixteen-year-old zombies. Their tuxedo coats all ripped and fake-aged with chalk or something. The black make-up around their eyes smudge into their white make up, their faces so pale they kind of glow in the moonlight. In the middle of a circle of homecoming zombies, I immediately breathe easier. I sink into his hug, floating my fingers over the spot where his boutonniere should be. A little of his undead makeup rubs off on his brown suit coat.

    Guys who just tricked me. Drew gazes at the ground before he walks over and wraps me in his arms. His lips meet mine in a forceful kiss. For another excerpt and for the Shadow Series playlist, dream cast and more click here. Shadow Slayer Shadow Series 2 is available at Amazon. Click here for more! At the beginning of Shadow Slayer, Roxie is trying to fit in as a freshman in high school but she feels like all her middle school friends are abandoning her.

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    Read more about the Shadow Series here. Hurry up and get yours! In addition to being a YA author, Lisa is a retired amateur stock car racer, an accomplished cat whisperer, and a professional smartass. She writes coming-of-age books about kids in hard luck situations who learn to appreciate their own value after finding mentors who love them for who they are.

    It releases on Oct.

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    Drew and I snuck onto the football field ten minutes ago. I love laying here in the empty stadium with Drew, like this. How important it is. We are said to kill the moon because its phases are meaningless to us. I mean, not now. Not this second. Not on a Thursday night. Such a normal night.

    I like normal. Moon Killing seems more of a Saturday night thing, I guess. Saturday nights are meant for the extraordinary. I stroke my arm and feel the rough edges of my massive scar. I laugh. But he gets all jumpy, searching the bleachers as if he expects to be surrounded. Just like he did at homecoming before he took me to the enchanted labyrinth. When he told me what I was. Drew holds out his hand and I grab a hold of it. He reaches down and grabs my other hand, tugging on my arms.

    I lift off the grass, out of the end zone and into his arms. He pulls me in close like his shadow had when we danced. I hug Drew, exploring his perfect body. I never want us to be separated again. But we will. We stop only a few feet away from them. He lets go of me and stands a few feet away, staring at the all- weather track. He smiles and takes guarded steps, one and then another, inching his way toward me. Never taking his eyes off the track.

    I watch our shadows blend into one. When I feel his hand on my lower back a flash of silver light surrounds us. I jump into his arms, trembling, and search his golden eyes, more gorgeous than ever. So I do. A chill ripples from my head to my feet. I open my eyes to the gentle crash of waves on an enormous beach.

    The warm evening air heavy on my skin. But I want you to know the real me. I bend down and run my fingers over the sand, letting it sift through my fingers. This is real. Shadow Slayer Shadow Series 2 is available on Amazon. Continue reading The Audiobook: Does your prose go to 11? Today I want to share a few of the fabulous surprises that met me there:. I had no idea that Charles Schultz was a Santa Rosa native. This Snoopy was in the lobby of our hotel and we were told they are all over the town too.

    The festival went all day long. The day was full of romance….

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    When they ask what the story is about, I say the story is about a girl awakening to her intuition for the first time on an enchanted road trip to Winnemucca, NV——the Emerald City of the novel. I usually get some raised eye brows followed by the question have you ever been to Winnemucca? When I say I have, they usually laugh and say this one time in Winnemucca…Here are a few of the tales people shared with me on Saturday.

    Thanks so much to everyone for sharing their Winnemucca stories. To read more about Winnemucca, a small-town fairy tale click here. I look forward to sharing some more stories from the festival this week! Twelve-year-old Roxie wants two things more than anything. She wants to become popular——a peacock, in Roxie Speak. The title should be at least 4 characters long. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long.

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