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Terry Schwartz, a pediatric ophthalmologist. Read an article with tips for interviewing parents and access interview forms. View an assessment of a child and see the completed CVI Range. Are You Ready? Test your Knowledge and Skills Take a quiz to determine your level of understanding.

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Then watch and score two assessments. Compare your results with CVI Mentor scoring. Posted by Krista Owens. Posted by Claudia Swapp. The conference was held April 4 — 5, and Posted by Scott Wall. The conference was prepared and presented by a team of professionals from Columbia Posted by Kelly Brown. Posted by Regina Quaid.

Early Intervention: Helping babies with visual impairments

Learners with vision impairments can sometimes feel left out when it comes to traditions, such as Easter Egg Hunts. There are auditory eggs hunts that learners with visual impairments can participate in, but what about those learners with CVI cortical visual Posted by Brenda Biernat. My son, Henry, is not quite ready for bubble words, but I wanted to start incorporating them Posted by Diane Sheline. Make sure your student or child with CVI has a variety of literacy materials this summer that are relevant and enticing.

What is CVI?

The Yellow Bucket and the Red Shovel is easy to make and can be adapted, depending on the color of bucket and shovel you happen to have Posted by Peg Palmer. This week I arrived at a school just as Justine, a beautiful little four-year-old girl, arrived off her bus.

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She has some gross motor Fire Is So Loud. IEPs look different from state to state, but contain the same Posted by Ellen Cadigan Mazel. The activities are age-neutral and multi-sensory and therefore can meet the needs of the broad range of students served on an itinerant caseload serving. The activities can be individualized to the students various learning modalities and scaffold in order to challenge students but ensure success. These units are cyclical and can be used repeatedly to help students build on prior knowledge and develop a deeper understanding of concepts.

Each unit includes suggestions for activity adaptation associated with the unit. This workbook is a pdf download that can be printed on demand for use with students. It contains five different types of worksheets for developing visual motor skills and near magnifier fluency skills particularly with the use of a video magnifier.

CVI Book Resources

The worksheets, along with a list of environmental print for each thematic unit, are designed to help students refine their visual motor skills while reinforcing ECC concepts presented in the thematic units. Present the student with a hard braille copy and use the worksheets to document accuracy and fluency in reading braille. These word lists and sentences will help the student refine their keyboarding or braille reading skills while bridging ECC concepts presented in the thematic units.

Although the lists and passages can be produced using a manual braillewriter, you may also copy and paste the passages into any braille translation software for quick production on an embosser. It is possible to go several years without having a student on your caseload who requires braille instruction.

Cortical Visual Impairment and the Evaluation of Functional Vision | Perkins eLearning

Like other skills, if you do not practice your braille regularly, it is easy to lose those skills. Use these checklists and cards to maintain your braille skills.

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Fold the checklist along the line dividing the print from the braille. Choose to either read the print and produce the word in braille using a braillewriter or read the simulated braille and decode it. Finally, these vocabulary cards and checklists may be used with family members or peers who are interested in learning and practicing the braille code.

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On My Way File Folder Cards Print and use these cards to represent locations the student may visit that are related to the current thematic unit.