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Send us feedback. Geschichte f. British English American English history study also. Geschichtswissenschaft f. British English American English our house has a colourful history. British English American English the rest is history. British English American English sb's life history. British English American English to go down in history as sth.

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British English American English to make history. Geschichte schreiben. British English American English Tina and Charles went out together for five years , but they're history now. British English American English fam if that bullet had found its mark you'd be history by now. British English American English ancient history fig.

Post-War Reports :

Vorgeschichte f. British English American English her family has a history of heart problems. Herzprobleme liegen bei ihr in der Familie. British English American English there's a long history of industrial disputes at that factory. Show results in the Wyhlidal Automotive Engineering Dictionary. British English American English history question.

Verlauf m. British English American English account history. Kontoverlauf m. One example from the Internet. British English American English art history. Kunstgeschichte f. British English American English case history. Krankengeschichte f. British English American English corporate history. Unternehmensgeschichte f. British English American English life history. Lebensgeschichte f. British English American English medical history. British English American English natural history.

Full text of "Historische Zeitschrift"

Naturgeschichte f. British English American English natural history as topic of study. Naturkunde f. British English American English natural history expert. Naturkundeexperte -expertin m f. British English American English natural history museum. Naturkundemuseum nt. British English American English oral history.

British English American English adjustment history. Anpassungsverlauf m. Are you missing a word, phrase or translation?

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Submit a new entry. Compile a new entry. British English American English pictorial history. Bilderchronik f. British English American English ecclesiastical history. Kirchengeschichte f. British English American English ancient history. Alte Geschichte.

  1. Sharing Eden: Green Teachings from Jews, Christians and Muslims.
  2. Blog der Bayerischen Staatsoper.
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  4. Show more. British English American English history prep. Geschichtshausaufgaben pl. British English American English browser history. Liste f der besuchten Websites. British English American English digression on American history. British English American English fig you can't rewrite history. British English American English a page in history. British English American English to be ancient history hum. British English American English a footnote to history. British English American English to make legal history.

    Rechtsgeschichte schreiben. Geschichte der amerikanischen Ureinwohner. British English American English steeped in history. British English American English span of history. Geschichtsspanne f. Show less. Examples from the Internet not verified by PONS Editors No book can come closer to the roaring fascination of this sport A highlight for all fans of Formula 1 and its rich history of triumph and tragedy www.

    Despite the greatest crisis in the history of the industry, consolidation remains slow. Tunisie Bondy Blog was founded after the revolution to give young people a platform where they could engage in discussions and voice their concerns. From , periodic outbreaks of violence against the Tutsi flared up, resulting in deaths and the expulsion of refugees with no right of return. Die ruandische Geschichte ist von Konflikten gekennzeichnet. Lilienthal died in a flying accident in Lilienthal stirbt bei einem Flugunfall Die die ruandische Geschichte ist von Konflikten gekennzeichnet.

    Degree programmes in history , for example, usually require Latin skills and knowledge of two modern European languages. The point at which you need to provide evidence of the requisite language skills varies from institution to institution. The sponsorships of the Henkel Foundation are dedicated to the historical humanities, predominantly history , archaeology, art history, and various other historical sub-disciplines.

    He also offered individual counselling to BGHS doctoral candidates in sociology and history. Summer Term www. Sommersemester www. The activities of the Institute are based on long-term interdisciplinary cooperation with the Ruhr-University, in particular the respective departments of History , Social Sciences and Philology. Under the umbrella of the Graduate School, international doctoral programmes in sociology and history are offered.

    It provides an inspiring research environment for about doctoral candidates.

    Das war OPER FÜR ALLE 12222

    They painstakingly researched individual cases and backgrounds, completed biographies, found descendents and gave back to the former professors their identity and their life history and correlated these to the here and now. An open attitude that calls for further research in the future, but which also enables access to people and their fates. If one now compares the entire life history of an average Neanderthal with that of a modern human being, a picture emerges which deviates significantly from existing doctrine: the development of the Neanderthals was just as slow as that of modern people, if not even a little slower.

    Vergleicht man nun die gesamte Lebensgeschichte eines durchschnittlichen Neandertalers mit derjenigen eines modernen Menschen, ergibt sich ein Bild, das erheblich von der Lehrmeinung abweicht: die Entwicklung der Neandertaler war wohl ebenso langsam wie die des modernen Menschen, wenn nicht sogar etwas langsamer. The main character, Kuno, sits in the african jungle where he intends to write down his life history on an old Laptop within 3 days and 3 nights. Libraries of the Goethe-Institut www.

    Bibliotheken der Goethe-Institute www. The study is based on the marking and counting of the animals in two different areas of study in order to understand the life history of marked individuals, the use of space and population dynamics depending on the annual variation in trophic resources. The funds are needed to carry out the capture and marking, to create scholarships for students of biological and natural sciences. Ring resightings and ring recoveries from Switzerland and abroad give valuable information on behaviour, life histories , mortality causes, age structure, migratory flyways as well as on stopover and wintering sites.

    These data are being analysed with modern statistical methods.