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Derzeit tritt ein Problem beim Filtern der Rezensionen auf. Format: Kindle Ausgabe. The fall in love, they break apart; they search for love, deal with unreturned love and the outcomes of unprotected sex. But not only with their partners live is not easy, also with the parents who pronounce expectations to be fulfilled and cannot deal with their kids being different from what they themselves are and supposed they would become. What I appreciated especially that the collection does not simply repeat the same plot in different settings.

Each story stands for its own, the protagonists are quite diverse in their make-up and behaviour and thus a large selection of, on the one hand, typical persons you encounter everyday and, on the other hand, very special and singular characters has been gathered in this book. Rezension anzeigen. Die hilfreichsten Kundenrezensionen auf Amazon.

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Verifizierter Kauf. Book club selection is what sent me to purchase the short story collection, Barbara the Slut and Other people. I stayed for the characters, their quirky, unique perspectives, and how real the stories feel despite one being told by a dog observing human behavior. We the book club particularly appreciated the coming out to mom story. Feels real with lots of family dysfunction. Example: a mom wrapped up in her own VS panty selling biz on Mexico beaches and pretending she only speaks Spanish. Ten stories. Most of us appreciated them all.

A couple of us had select ones they preferred. I loved them all. Found myself laughing out-loud, unable to put the book down, and I appreciated the breadth of Barbara Holmes gift at storytelling. The book is already on the loaner circuit amongst friends. Looking forward to getting it back. Great summer holiday and airport reading. The short story club meets for an hour before each Word Factory Salon. All short story club meetings are at Waterstones Piccadilly, from 4.

Please note, the May 12th meeting will be held at Waterstones Gower St. Her work has also won prizes from Cinnamon Press, Lightship, and the British Fantasy Society, among others, and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her first book will be published by Bloomsbury in , and she is currently working on a PhD on folk tales and the short story at Chichester University. Twitter: mindandlanguage. She is a Sunday Times journalist and food writer, with a passion for short stories and wild mushrooms. The story was first published in revolves around a washerwoman and her unemployed, insecure husband.

You can read Sweat online here. It was originally published in the January issue of The New Yorker. The story is an enigmatic examination of a young married couple, Muriel and Seymour Glass, while on vacation in Florida and explores some troubling themes.

Introduction: Reading Percival Everett: European perspectives

You can read it online here. You can hear July reading her story here and read it online here. July is a filmmaker, artist and writer. Sophie interviewed July earlier this year and you can read that here to get more context about how she came to write this unusual and unnerving story inspired by a photograph by Friedl Kubelka.

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MacLeod is the author of three novels and two short story collections, and has been longlisted for the Booker Prize. In this story, the narrator reimagines Sylvia Plath as she goes to visit her grave. She is conversational, almost conspiratorial, breaking away from the standard, simplified view of Plath as a troubled writer.

Sometimes as brief as a sentence or several paragraphs, they dispense with conventional narrative and character in favor of astringent wit and aphoristic insight. In May, we read Driver by Taiye Selasi. Taiye Selasi is a writer and photographer of Nigerian and Ghanaian origin. She is the author of a novel, Ghana Must Go, as well as short stories and essays. This story is itself driven by the rhythm of its prose, which intensifies whenever Webster contemplates the forbidden object of his affections. How does the rhythm of this piece affect you as a reader? In April, we read Attrib. Eley William is the author of Attrib.

She is the co-editor of 3:AM Magazine and also lectures in creative writing at universities in London. In the title story, Attrib. What is the effect of sound in this story? In March, we read Gunk by Irenosen Okojie. Irenosen Okojie was born in Nigeria, and later grew up in the UK.

The next essay brings together Watershed and The Body of Martin Aguilera whose plots are inspired by the fear that dangerous substances or radio-active sources of military origin are infecting the Four Corners area. Government forces are doing their utmost to keep the situation a secret, murdering people and disregarding basic rights of minority groups. These are highly political novels detective fiction of sorts in which history and morality mix.

The last essay in this part brings up American Desert : a rollicking parody of American Myths and the media. Born-again religionists and the military thrive in the western desert, in an underground laboratory for the latter: scientists are trying to understand resurrection with an eye to making troops immortal. The press prosper out of emptiness and superficiality in a novel that uses the destabilizing tools of humor, even when Theodore Street decides it is best to unstitch his head and stay dead. The book was left for an instant in the shade of a tree and picked up by an African who started to read to a small surrounding audience.

I thought this was a marvelous way to be discovered elsewhere. Otherwise, this part is firstly composed of an excerpt from a novel in progress. Secondly, there comes a statement the author delivered at the Villa Gillet in , on the real and the fictional. Third is a wide-ranging interview made at Caen University in There is nothing on the recently published collection of poems re:f gesture : these are pieces that first made paratextual appearances in the fictions, but they take on another hue on becoming constituents of a different body.

The Jefferson Bible has been left out because only the introduction is by our author. I felt this consistent trip into serious historical laughter must be first approached as a produce of creative team work. Collaboration was close and pens, or keyboards, interchangeable. Still, I felt it could not be approached as a fiction by Percival Everett in this volume. Nipples and books. Recurrence and difference do make him special. Also, insufficient room is given to contemporary history in my own essay on Watershed which transparently alludes to the siege of the Wounded Knee sanctuary by the FBI.

A Slut’s Perspective: Freshman Year Collection eBook: Edward Daniels: Kindle Store

There clearly is much more work to do. Fiction is a field for readers to till, sow and reap. Diversity does not exclude permanence. Sixbury is a widow, a crippled lady afflicted with a mentally retarded son, Patrick. DavidD finds work watching a rest area where, on an off-duty day when he is wearing his army fatigues, a Vietnamese refugee leaves her daughter behind, claiming he is her father. Everyone suspects Patrick without mentioning him by name. The girl is found naked and bleeding between her legs in a cabin.

The object of his quest remains, like the horizon, at a distance, receding as one tries to get there. He will need outside help, someone to walk him to the distance. With Sixbury dead, he will be left with Butch and, possibly, Katy Stinson, the young lady whom he met on the plane to Chicago to assist him. Now a horse trainer, generally well-accepted locally —gruff as he may be with people— he lives with the ghosts from his past that are lightly suggested: a childless marriage with Susie who died when she was thrown from an unreliable horse he had warned her against.

Gus has cancer and senses his approaching death. DavidW comes back to the ranch after breaking up with Robert, and John takes to the nice young man to whom he undertakes to teach life in the west. When DavidW quarrels with his visiting father and drunkenly runs away in a blizzard, John revives him in a cave where a spontaneous homosexual involvement takes place. Similar ingredients are shared: death and self-seeking in the absence of any definite symbol of renewal or rebirth —like the promise of spring for instance.

On the contrary, winter reigns.

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Snowstorms and the cold spell danger. The stories are not limited by topicality, though. Wounded brings homosexuality to the fore, a modern situation but here fictionalized against such broader questions as tolerance and respect for life that also constitute the moral core of Walk Me to the Distance which, published a decade after the troops left Vietnam, is anchored away from the literature and movies that followed the conflict.

Indeed, DavidD, an enlisted man drifting from his third year in college, has not been scarred by the war —or so he thinks. Unremarkable, having lacked the courage to escape to Canada, he returns to the World a term not found in the novel under the acceptation of post-Vietnam days very much the same. His tour of duty has not added an extra chip on his shoulder: he is disillusioned with life, as he must have been when he first joined the army, but not embittered.

Murdering Patrick is, up to a point, eugenic as a lusus naturae is eliminated. His murder is home-bred. The rural west, home to core American values, representing purity and hope for the nation —Go west, young man!

Readers are simply given elements to build their opinions and feelings from. Wounded, on the contrary brings race matters up. Of course I have, son. This is America. Of course, the only place anybody ever called me a nigger to my face was in Cambridge, Mass. There are a lot of ignorant people, a lot of good, smart people. Is it different where you come from? Rightly so, indeed: the officers remain idle in front of the two men in the battered BMW, or look in the wrong direction to solve the homicide —arresting harmless Wallace, himself a homosexual. One can say that to some extent the police share the dominant attitudes.

And like John himself who, considerate for others as he is, is at first hesitant to help Wallace by phoning his brother in Fort Collins. The people make the best of what they are, weighted down by their natures and their pasts.

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John, for one, seeks around animals what he does not find in humans, or else in his own very close circle. What has the future in store for him as the novels ends? He is troubled by his homosexual experience with respect to the tie he has built with Morgan —all the time haunted by the thought Susie mounted that horse to prove herself brave because she felt he disliked her for being inadequate. Up near the desert, a cave, both beckoning and scary, is the ultimate refuge —though not a place to be alone in.

John is no misanthropist. He needs to relate to someone, not only to the surrounding world. Like his faithful dog, Zoe who immediately takes to the wounded coyote , he needs to protect and teach.